3rd Wandering with a Mining Gnome

Also this school year, the pupils of the fifth grade of Moskovská 2 took full advantage of the last warm autumn days and went with the Erasmus team within the “Jakob Fugger – A historical European influencer”- project to the city centre of Banská Bystrica to look for the „permonik“, the guardian of the mines. And they found him. Where, you ask? Well, on our beautiful main square, where he went for a walk.

But first they were taken into the history of mining by the older pupils involved in the Erasmus project. They told them about who the „permonik“ was and how he helped the miners. The fifth-graders then, with the help of the mining dwarf, learned all sorts of words left behind by guests from German countries who came at the invitation of the monarch Bela IV. Some of the words made them sweat, others amused them. After completing the task, they went on to other stations, tried to name the individual buildings of the city castle complex, struggled to identify the bastions, managed to solve the task encrypted with runic writing. They solved the tasks not only in Slovak, but also in English. All pupils were successful, competitive and curious. Their laughing faces and expressions of their desire to meet the „permonik“ again some day proved that they enjoyed their wanderings around the city.

Another beautiful day with our mining dwarf in the city centre.

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