CLIL material

Andrea Mayr and Dorothea Messner prepared some tasks for different workshops that were held in the mobility in Sterzing. Here you can find the worksheets for the different groups:

  • Group 1 had to collect the comics that were prepared by the different schools, to edit them and to prepare them for publication. Find the finished online flipping book in the results section. worksheet group 1creating a comic book 
  • Group 2 combined demographic timelines that had been prepared by each country in advance, in order to make a poster-size scrapbook. worksheet group 2 scrapbook demography
  • Group 3 produced a podcast, discussing problems of modern transport and traffic. worksheets group 3 podcastdocx
  • Group 4 prepared and filmed role plays, in which modern individuals met people from the time of Jacob Fugger. worksheet group 4 role plays 
  • The teachers and students from Sterzing also created a Powerpoint, explaining the connections between the Fugger-Family and the town.

During the mobility in Antwerp, the participants got to know each other in an original way by drawing portraits. How this was done, you can read here: CREATE A PROFILE PORTRAIT IN GROUP. Some results can be found here:

Part 4.
To divide the participants into groups with an equal number of different nationalities, we worked with so-called “energizers”. Some nice examples can be found here: ENERGIZERS.
Additionally, you find here some other introductory games: Some other introductory games
We have also thought about an original way to say goodbye at the end of such an intense week: Some original ways to say goodbye.
and Tree.

The students also took “A Minimum”, a so-called city poem by Ramsey Nasr, as a basis to think about these question:
– What do I need to survive?
– What do I need to feel at home somewhere?
The teaching material can be found here: Workshop A Minimum Ramsey Nasr and the interesting results can be admired here:

If you want to sail through the Port of Antwerp with the Waterbus, you can take this guide

Taking the Waterbus through the Port of Antwerp that we have made and look at this map: kaart waterbus - haven