Extension of the project duration

The application for an extension of the project duration due to the pandemic-related restriction until 31.08.2023 was approved by the German National Agency on 28.03.2022. Now the adjusted schedule for the mobilities can be implemented as planned. Teacher training in Banská Bystrica 28 May – 1 June 2022 Student mobility in Sterzing 17-23 September 2022 Read More …

Erasmus+ project accepted

On Friday, 14th of August we received the confirmation from the German agency that our project “Jakob Fugger a historical European influencer – #economic #political #social #media l#ecological #footprints” was accepted under the reference nummer: VG-S2S-K-BY-20-23-077399. Jörg Haasteacher of Mathmatics, Physics and Computer Science at Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg and project coordinator erasmusfugger.eu