450 trees planted in Slovakia

“Erasmus students” planted 450 trees in Laskomer valley

Today, Tuesday, April 9th, 8th and 9th grade students took part in an interesting project in the Laskomer Valley. In order to offset the carbon footprint left behind during our Erasmus+ trips abroad, the students and I decided to actively contribute to environmental protection. In the framework of cooperation with the Banská Bystrica Urban Forests, under the leadership of Ing. Jozef Jankov and his collaborators, they started planting trees.
During this experience, the pupils learned not only about the importance of planting trees, but also about the diversity of species. Under the supervision of experts, they planted not only coniferous but also deciduous trees, thus contributing to the diversification of the local flora.
A total of 450 trees were planted in the ground, which represents a significant step in environmental protection. In addition to the planting itself, the pupils had the opportunity to learn more about forestry and its importance for the ecosystem.
This project not only helped to reduce the carbon footprint, but also made the pupils more sensitive to the environment and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. It is an example of how education can be linked to practical actions to protect the planet for future generations.

And what do our pupils have to say about the planting?

“I think it will contribute a lot to a better future. These are new homes for animals. Everyone should experience the feeling of this important work. The plan was to plant 300 trees, but we’ve managed up to 450. The weather worked out beautifully and it was a great event.” Nela, 9.A

“Today we planted around 450 trees and thus contributed to a better forest. The sun was shining all day so we had a great time. In a few years, when we go back, we will be able to see the result of our work. The new trees that have grown up and are there for people and animals.” Karin, 9.A

“We are happy that we helped the ecosystem, the forests and in a way save the world.” Alex, Adam and Jano, 8.B

“We are glad that we could plant trees and help those forests. It was a great experience. We enjoyed our time in our urban forest and planted a total of 450 trees. We planted small spruce and beech trees.” Sofia, Zuzka and Naty, 8.B

“Today was a lot of fun. We would like to go again. We liked it and we were happy to help nature.” Zuzka and Emo, 8.A

“We were planting in a very steep hill, the hardest part was climbing up there. But it was worth it, we planted a lot of trees.” Nela, Majka and Vanesa, 8.C

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