Preparing the festival of science – student mobility in Banská Bystrica

Visit to the Podlipa research site in Ľubietová, a thorough tour of the mining heaps, preparation of samples of nails, placing samples in water collection containers, a local stream and a pond to observe the cementation process, observation of the vegetation on the heaps, selection of the most suitable research sites, sampling, observation of the life in the collected mine water already in the school premises, familiarization with the content of the worksheets, study of vocabulary in English and Slovak, study of the history of the town. All this and many other activities had to be prepared and implemented before the start of the mobility week in Slovakia, in order to provide sufficient research material for the implementation of the planned activities. It is already very exciting and we believe that good preparation will lead to a successful and desirable outcome. We look forward to the mobility in Slovakia in May 2023.

The team leaders

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