Safer Internet Day – Italian Workshop

The team at the OSZ Sterzing organized an online workshop for a nationally mixed group of the 5 participating schools and our own class. The student groups were composed by our coordinator in Augsburg. The topic for our workshop was “INFLUENCERS”. At first, however, we had a brief online discussion via MS Teams on our experiences with home-schooling that had overshadowed so far both the Erasmus project on Jakob Fugger and the daily learning routine – to different extents – in the partner schools.
Next, we asked the group members to share their ideas on “What or who influences me most in my immediate private life?” in a brainstorming activity that was done digitally via a Mentimeter word cloud.

After that the students were invited to share their ideas in a short feedback discussion about what kind of influences teenagers are exposed to nowadays.

The next step was a true-false activity that was supported with a glossary to make sure the terminology was known to all.   The participants were presented facts and figures on professional influencers (income, sponsors, coaching, promotion techniques, followers, etc).Finally, we watched a short video clip of the very successful fashion influencer Zoella which also included a follow-up discussion focussing on this video – evaluating  clip design and presentational technique in particular.