Europe Day in Sterzing

We held our Europe Day on 5 May and dedicated the whole morning (and some additional lessons…) to Jakob Fugger and the European Union. Our history teacher Prof. Harald Kofler, a recognized expert on the history of mining in our area, held a lecture and was our guide during a city tour, where we visited places and sights reminding of the heyday of mining.

In groups, we then worked on the following topics:

  • we created a visual map, marking places of interest connected to the Fugger footprints, and added descriptions and pictures
  • we drew a comic strip showing a scene in Jakob Fugger’s biography
  • we created a short video about our city tour


  • we made up a timeline of Jakob Fugger’s life and the Fuggers‘ impact on the area in and around Sterzing
  • we created fact files and  crossword puzzles about our partner countries and their role in the EU
  • our integration student Peter was busy making some drawings, he painted for example the coat of arms of the Fugger family

All the works were collected and designed as a magazine by another group, our editors: