Europe Day in Augsburg

Due to the pandemic, a Europe Day video conference was held at the Jakob Fugger Gymnasium on the following topics:

  1. Europe Day – what does it means?
  2. Start of the questionnaire about Jakob Fugger.
  3. Beginning of the work for the interactive Fugger-Map
  4. Preparation of a photo competition

After a short introduction to the meaning of the Europe Day based on two events (5th of May – Europe Day of the Council of Europe and 9th of May – Europe Day of the European Union) we presented to our students the questionnaire about Jakob Fugger. This form should be filled out from the whole school family in order to have as much data as possible for a qualified result.
Following that, our students should choose a building, institution, street, etc. in the Augsburg area with reference to Jakob Fugger. By investigating detailed information, they should contribute interesting articles and pictures to an interactive map planned and stored with contributions of all participating countries. The tasks are the following:

  • on-Site enquiries
  • Collecting and presenting information
  • photo documentation

As a special feature the students take a photo of their chosen building from a particular perspective. With these photos we planned a photo competition for our school. If all texts are entered in the map and all photos uploaded, the whole school family can participate in this contest and go for searching the place from which out the attractive pictures were taken. Then they must only get a shot from the same place and may not forget to photograph themselves by taking the photos and put them in our Mebiscourse.

Here you can see the material presented at JFG:

Europatag am 5_Mai_2021