Pupils talking about their experiences

“We ran a marathon as part of the fundraiser. We divided the 42 km between us. Some finished 1 lap, others 2, but there were also those for whom 3 was not enough. In the rain, knee-deep in mud, but with a good feeling that we had contributed to a good cause, we were looking forward to a warm shower and an evening spent with our families.”

“In the evening, together with other Erasmus students, we continued to strengthen relationships at the bowling alley. And the tastiest cherry was the string orchestra concert, which offered us an unforgettable artistic experience to the strains of Beethoven’s and Mozart’s symphonies.”

“In the evening, the project group gathered for the final event of the week. During the evaluation round, the students were able to praise each other. Certificates were awarded and the evening ended with a delicious dessert buffet and dancing.”

These are just a few of the pieces of information that the pupils exchanged with each other during the dissemination sessions at school. After returning from the mobility in the foreign partner schools, the project team members met to inform each other about the mobility week, their experiences but also the new knowledge and skills they had acquired during their visit to the foreign school. At the same time, they presented to their classmates, who were preparing for the next mobility, the tasks that would need to be prepared before departure.

Family Day and other events

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