Field trip to the Fuggerei

After months of virtual meetings, video conferences and actions separated by class, the students of the Erasmus project were all allowed to go on a real excursion to the Fuggerei together for the first time on 23.07.2021. Divided into two groups and guided by competent guides, they learned how the Fuggerei came into being, what activities the Fugger family carried out, how they expanded their empire across Europe through skilful management, strategic marriages and the right nose for gold mines, and what finally prompted Jakob Fugger to have such a social settlement built. Equipped with this prior knowledge, the pupils were then asked to explore the museums of the Fuggerei in more detail and were given a questionnaire with interesting aspects to investigate in the museum. Both the “Museum of the History of Living” and the “Museum of Everyday Life” as well as the “Museum of the Residents” each offer a detailed insight into the life of the Fuggerei residents then and now. However, the pupils were not only tasked with looking for answers, but they were also supposed to keep their eyes open for suggestions and develop ideas on how we could convey this knowledge about life in the Fuggerei in a playful and attractive way to our guests from the other countries.